October is Audiology Awareness Month

October is Audiology Awareness Month

More than 48 million Americans suffer from hearing loss. While this condition is often viewed as an inevitable part of aging, over half of all patients are otherwise healthy adults under the age of 65. Regular hearing screenings are an invaluable tool in identifying problems early and taking steps to prevent further hearing damage before it is too late. Fortunately, nearly all types of hearing loss are treatable by an audiologist. We encourage you to schedule an appointment for a hearing screening with one of our audiologists during the month of October, recognized nationwide as Audiology Awareness Month.

Audiology is the study of hearing and balance disorders. The goal of this national month-long observance is to raise awareness of audiology and the importance of hearing protection in preventing hearing loss.

Hearing loss can be caused by a variety of factors including noise exposure, trauma, diseases of the inner and middle ear, ear infections, excess earwax and certain medications. It can happen so gradually that you may not be aware of a problem until it has reached an advanced stage. Signs and symptoms of hearing loss include difficulty understanding others when they speak (speech may appear to be muffled or garbled), asking speakers to frequently repeat what they have said, the inability to distinguish speech from distracting background sounds, turning up the volume to levels that others find too loud and tinnitus (ringing in the ears).

At Wyoming Hearing Clinic, we have a staff of three audiologists who are licensed and certified professionals with advanced degrees in the hearing and balance sciences. Jonathan Ross, M.S., Katie Cox, Au.D., and Annelise Wakkinen, Au.D., are able to evaluate, diagnose and treat hearing and balance disorders in children and adults; prescribe, fit and dispense hearing devices; and provide hearing rehabilitation training and counseling to patients and their families. In addition to hearing loss, our audiologists perform testing and provide treatment for tinnitus.

Your hearing is crucial to your well-being. If you are committed to taking care of your hearing health, contact Wyoming Hearing Clinic today for a comprehensive hearing evaluation.

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