Lyric is an extended-wear hearing aid that was designed to be worn without removal for as long as four months. Unlike other hearing aids, there are no batteries to replace or programming to worry about.

Lyric is purchased on a subscription basis for a set period of time (typically one year). When it’s time for a replacement, your audiologist simply fits you with a new set of hearing aids during a routine office visit.

How Does Lyric Work?

Lyric Hearing Aids CheyenneLyric takes advantage of the outer ear’s anatomy by channeling sound to the device, which is placed very deep in the ear canal – just 4 millimeters from the eardrum – where it is amplified. This enables better directionality and improved localization, and provides a more natural sound quality than other ITC devices. Feedback and occlusion effect are minimized due to its deep placement.

Attention to detail and improved technology make Lyric a durable instrument that is kept in place whether the user is exercising, sleeping or showering. Foam seals conform to the shape of your ear canals, improving comfort and preventing the device from slipping or falling out. Due to its deep placement, Lyric is completely invisible. Most users find the devices more comfortable than others, and applaud the natural sound quality and convenience.

Lyric is designed for active individuals with mild to moderately severe hearing loss. The audiologists at Wyoming Hearing Clinic are trained in fitting the Lyric Hearing Aids Cheyenne, and happy to help determine whether it’s a good solution for your particular hearing loss and lifestyle needs.