Once you’ve gotten comfortable wearing hearing aids and experienced the positive differences they can make in your life, you might want to consider adding hearing aid accessories to enhance the listening experience. There are a variety to choose from, some of which will prove more beneficial to your lifestyle needs than others. Popular accessories include:

Types of Hearing Aid Accessories

  • Bluetooth Hearing Aid AccessoriesBluetooth connectivity. Wireless streaming is becoming increasingly common as the number of Bluetooth-enabled devices continues to expand. Wireless connectivity enables you to hear better in situations with lots of background noise, or when there is significant distance between yourself and the speaker. Bluetooth accessories include microphones, remote controls, television headsets and more.
  • Transmitters and receivers. Transmitters and receivers are paired together to help listeners in situations where there is excessive background noise, reverberation or distance. They are especially helpful in classroom settings, and can improve the learning skills of hard-of-hearing children.
  • Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs). Sometimes, your hearing aids can benefit from an added boost. ALDs contain a microphone that is placed in close proximity to the speaker, which amplifies the sounds reaching your hearing device. These are frequently used in movie theaters, worship services and classroom lectures.
  • Wax filters. Earwax is an inevitable byproduct of the ears, and can especially frustrate hearing aid users by building up on sensitive electronic components. Wax filters block wax from entering the hearing aid, improving sound and extending the life of the equipment.
  • TV Hearing Aid AccessoryPower adaptors and cords. Power accessories improve versatility by enabling you to connect directly with a variety of common audio sources such as FM systems, TVs, MP3 players and computers.
  • Cleaning kits. To keep your hearing aids performing optimally, you’ll need to clean them on a regular basis. Cleaning kits contain several helpful tools (wax brush and pick, tube and vent cleaner, battery door opener, magnet) that simplify the cleaning experience. This, in turn, helps prevent costly maintenance down the road.