Choosing a Hearing Aid CheyenneChoosing a hearing aid is not an easy process. With so many styles, features and options available, chances are you won’t even know where to begin. Keep in mind the following tips committing to a purchase, and the task will be simpler.


Tips on Choosing a Hearing Aid, Cheyenne

  • Make sure to have your hearing tested by an audiologist first. Even if you are having difficulty hearing, you’ll need a proper diagnosis. There are different types and degrees of hearing loss, and not all can be effectively treated with hearing aids. Additionally, not every style of hearing aid will work with every type of hearing loss. When having your hearing tested, you’re best off seeing an audiologist rather than a hearing instrument specialist. Audiologists are specially trained to treat hearing loss and provide critical follow-up care.
  • If you are experiencing hearing loss, don’t delay treatment. On average, patients wait seven years from the onset of symptoms before seeking treatment. During this time, hearing loss worsens, and the brain will have a harder time adjusting to hearing aids when they are finally worn.
  • Try before you buy. Hearing aids are a big commitment. Most audiologists are happy to let you try them out first to ensure you are comfortable wearing them, and allow you to experience the positive differences they can make in your hearing.
  • Choose accessories wisely. Hearing aids today have features unavailable a generation ago, even “out of the box.” In addition, a variety of accessories designed to improve the communication process exists but not all will be beneficial to you. For example, Bluetooth technology enables wireless connectivity with a variety of devices, but if you don’t own a smart phone or computer you may never even take advantage of it. Stick with accessories you know you will use.

Follow-up visits are important! When you purchase hearing aids Cheyenne, your whole life will change. Regardless of the benefits, there is almost always an adjustment period. Use this time to visit with your audiologist, who will check your hearing aids to make sure they are working correctly, make any adjustments that are needed, and answer any questions you may be having.